Workplace Wellbeing

Value Based Intention Setting

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Bring your team together through this grounding and inspiring experience. This workshop includes guided meditation, journaling and shared reflection, with a focus on self-development and fostering community.

Elements include:

  • Grounding meditation
  • Guided journaling on personal strengths and challenges
  • Understanding the psychology of core values and having purpose
  • Intention setting and visualisation
  • Group sharing and discussion
  • Cultivating an intention through yogic philosophy

Creating Routine for Mood & Anxiety

Duration: 1 - 2hrs

This workshop is designed to enhance overall mental health and wellbeing in everyday life and work. It includes psycho-education, meditation and journaling guided by Rosie. Each person will be invited to create a supportive routine for their current needs and interests.

Topics include:

  • Understanding routine for peak cognition and stable mood
  • Understanding routine for stress and anxiety
  • Connecting with the different states of your nervous system
  • Regulating your nervous system through self-soothing strategies
  • Self-compassion for flexible thinking
  • Aligning with purpose, rest and joy in everyday life
  • Coping mechanisms to preventing and respond to downward spirals of mental health
  • Creating a routine that is balanced, sustainable and strategic for you


Building Resilience & Compassion

Duration: 1 - 1.5hrs

This workshop is designed to enhance self-confidence, kindness and courage in everyday life and work. It includes psycho-education, meditation and journaling guided by Rosie. Each person will be invited to reflect on their strengths, challenges and relationship with the self, and create a strategic plan for self-growth.

Topics include:

  • Understanding resilience and self-compassion
  • Highlighting personal strengths
  • Developing a compassionate inner voice
  • Self-validation in the face of challenges
  • Developing a compassionate inner voice
  • Strategies to build resilience
  • Identifying areas for self-growth
  • Exposure technique to approach challenges with confidence
  • Self-soothing practices to self-regulate your nervous system
  • Embracing the courageous self
  • Creating a strategic plan to build resilience and compassion

Workshops can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of your team and time you have available. To enquire about a workshop, yoga or meditation session at your workplace, please contact Rosie via