10 for Connection

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Join Rosie and the Classes for the Mind community for a one month meditation and wellbeing program. 10 for Connection is about cultivating a sustainable, daily practice alongside a supportive community.

Over four weeks and five group sessions we will explore meditation independently, and as a community. There are wide ranging benefits to meditation, some of which include deepening self-understanding, regulating mood and anxiety, improving sleep, increasing your ability to make conscious choices, and helping you to be more present in your relationships.

The core values of this program are: joy, curiosity, non-judgement, compassion and community.

Daily Practice
To cultivate a personal practice throughout this course, you will be invited to meditate for 10 minutes every day. We will explore what meditation means to you, and you are welcome to choose the form/s of meditation that will nourish you most. As we progress through the month you will be invited to engage with some longer meditations.

Zoom Dates
Week 1: Monday 4th Oct 6pm
Week 2: Monday 11th Oct 6pm
Week 3: Monday 18th Oct 6pm
Week 4: Monday 25th Oct 6pm
Week 5: Monday 1st Nov 6pm

Weekly Meetings
Each week we will land together through meditation, share our challenges, strengths and insights that arose through the previous week, and explore a new theme in relation to meditation and wellbeing. These meetings will be a key point of connection and motivation, and will include gentle psychoeducation and references to yogic philosophy. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to consider your lifestyle more broadly, with meditation as one part of a balanced lifestyle.

Weekly Focus

  • Foundations of Connection
  • Conscious Breath
  • Meeting Your Mind
  • Body Appreciation
  • Cultivating Balance

Some sub-topics we will explore include:

  • Autonomy and connecting to your why
  • Neuroplasticity and creating routine
  • Embracing your sensory profile
  • Self-validation, reframing and compassion
  • Value-based movement and body neutrality

Bonus Classes
Week 1 - 5: Tuesday 7:45am Vinyasa & Pranayama
Week 2: Thursday 14th 7:45am Pranayama 
Week 4: Thursday 21st 5:30pm Yoga Nidra
*these classes are included in your ticket and are optional to attend


Full price: $125
Concession/low income: $99
*Please include your address during purchase as there will be a small gift and worksheet sent to your home during Week 1.

This workshop will take place on Wurundjeri land. As a commitment to paying the rent, 10% of ticket sales will be donated to VALS.