Cool, Calm & Cognitive: Part 1

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A workshop series to help you feel [cool and calm] at work, respond intelligently to stress and use your cognitive energy wisely ~

Why? thinking uses energy, and some thinking styles use more energy than others. Through self-study, understanding our nervous system and exploring cognitive strategies, we can learn to work with more ease and grace. By learning to work smarter not harder, we can find more joy in our work, and create space to engage with our lives more broadly.

In Part 1 we'll focus more on the nervous system in relation to cognition. In Part 2 we'll build on this knowledge, exploring cognitive strategies further.



  • Understanding and engaging with your nervous system
  • Shifting your nervous system state
  • The power of a formal yoga/meditation practice
  • Cognitive fatigue, thinking styles and flexible thinking
  • Using your cognitive energy strategically
  • Strengthening your neural pathways towards peak focus
  • Self-soothing strategies to cope with stress
  • Embracing opportunities for co-regulation


This workshop will have a strong focus on education and reflection. There will be some opportunities to share thoughts and ideas. Please bring a journal and pen, create a comfortable space at home and feel free to have your dinner, wine and snacks on hand. Let's get cognitive.


This workshop is targeted towards working professionals who are seeking practical coping skills. This includes people working part-time, full-time and juggling multiple roles. Rosie works part-time as an Educator at Eating Disorders Victoria, part-time running her own business, and casually as a yoga teacher. She is aware of the varied demands of different working environments, and challenges of shifting between different roles.

When: Saturday 24th July 10am - 11:45am
Where: Online via Zoom
Investment: $28/36
*20% discount for coming along to Part 1 & 2, enter code 'cognitive' at checkout