Lockdown #2 Creating Routine for Mood & Anxiety

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We're back in. We've been here before and we can do this again.


Our brains LOVE routine. A supportive routine can help us regulate our mood, anxiety levels and the way we feel in our body.

Routine can help us when we lose our sense of purpose, feel socially disconnected or when our external environment feels out of control. It's a tumultuous time and it's normal for pre-existing or new mental health issues to be arising.

This is a strengths based workshop informed by the psychology of resilience and self-compassion in relation to mood and anxiety. We will get reflective, get practical, but above all be kind as we prepare for the next six weeks.

This workshop is not about rigidity, but rather about creating a stable base. All you will need is a comfortable space where you can reflect, meditate and journal. You will not be required to group share, although there will be the opportunity to write and exchange helpful strategies in the group chat.


Let's move through the next six weeks with resilience and self-compassion.

When: Monday 13th July 6pm - 7pm

Where: Zoom

Investment: $15/$10  *Your ticket includes a complimentary 2 Week Trial to my online studio.

10% of ticket sales will be donated to The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, you can find out more about their aims and objectives here.

Current Members: This workshop is free for you, thank you so much for your continued support.