Nourishing You — Online Course

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Nourishing You is a self-paced yoga, meditation and psycho-education course for mental health.

This course includes a diverse range of practices informed by modern psychology and traditional yogic philosophy. You will move, breathe, meditate, restore and learn valuable skills to feel empowered in your health.

Core values
— balance, autonomy, presence, compassion, learning

Key themes:

  • Self-compassion
  • Cultivating presence
  • Valued based movement
  • Conscious use of energy
  • Improving work-life balance
  • Motivating health behaviours
  • Self-regulation and self-soothing
  • Embodying yoga as a lifestyle

What's included:

  • Over 4hrs of content in convenient, engaging doses
  • 4 x short vinyasa classes (under 25mins)
  • 2 x deep vinyasa classes (25 - 40mins)
  • 2 x gentle breath work (8mins - 10mins)
  • 1 x yin yoga (30mins)
  • 1 x yoga nidra relaxation (16mins)
  • 1 x self-compassion meditation (10mins)
  • 1 x focus meditation (8mins)
  • 2 x psycho-education videos (5 - 10mins)
  • 1 x guided journaling practice (10mins)
  • 12 x journaling prompts
  • 10 x motivational prompts and psycho-education boxes


Platform layout:

  1. Welcome — Guide
  2. Part A — Landing
  3. Part B — Attuning
  4. Part C — Embodying
  5. Index — ABC


How to use this course:

Nourishing You has been carefully curated from start to finish with a balanced sequence of practices, psycho-education and guided reflection. I recommend dedicating one month to this course, maybe less, maybe more. You are encouraged to journal throughout, allowing you to develop self-compassion and engrain the themes we explore. At times these practices may be emotionally and physically challenging, please listen and tend to what you need. Every practice has been designed to return to, and you will have 1 yr access to connect whenever you like.

Teaching style:

Clear, empowering and down to earth, from my home to yours. This course is targeted towards students who have practiced yoga before, but if you are a newer student, my teaching style is naturally encouraging and accessible.



Influenced by my studies in psychology, this course has been designed as a health promotion program, informed by various theories, including Polyvagal Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Self-Determination Theory.


Filming and audio:

This course has been professionally filmed and recorded with beautiful backdrops and clear sound. To take a sneak peak, check out this sample of some of the practices in Nourishing You. Please note that I do live in the inner city, so you may hear a tram go by from time to time. There are optional Spotify playlists for every movement practice.



  • Comfortably employed: $160
  • Concession/low income: $120 


Platform access:

To automatically gain access to Nourishing You, please click yes to email marketing at purchase and create an account to login. You can contact me via for support. Please enter your mailing address so I can send you a small gift.


This course was created on Wurundjeri land. As a commitment to paying the rent, 10% of all profits will be directed to Firesticks Alliance.