Yoga Nidra for India

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Join Rosie and community for a 20 minutes [live] Yoga Nidra, yogic sleep.

All donations will go towards Give India, a verified not for profit organisation providing hospitals and patients with oxygen and life saving equipment. We are so lucky to have this practice of yoga in our lives and it is heartbreaking to hear how badly India is being hit by COVID-19. If you are not in a position to donate, you can help spread the word in return for a ticket. Please donate if you can <3

Yoga Nidra (or yogic sleep) is a deeply grounding practice. You will be guided through a full body scan and visualisation inviting ease and rest for your mind and body. A Spotify playlist will be provided for those who find useful supportive, and you are welcome to have your camera on or off.

Monday 10th May 7pm - 7:30pm via Zoom

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