Psychology & Philosophy

Generous Being

Living in alignment with Asteya (non-stealing/generosity).

Mindful Assertiveness

Connecting with your truth and communicating with clarity.

Unconscious Responses

Self-inquiry into our unconscious reactions and how we can tend to ourselves with acceptance and compassion.

Satya and Assertiveness

Why assertiveness is truthfulness in action.

Brahmacharya and Respecting your Energy

Preserving and respecting your energy.

Abhyasa and Neuroplasticity

Dedicated practice and rewiring your brain.

Ahimsa and Body Image

Relating to your body with kindness and care.

Meeting Worry and Rumination

Catch yourself in the spiral.

There's more to Savasana

The ultimate transition.

Building Resilience

How to build resilience in everyday life.

Abhyasa and Vairagya

Balance in your practice of yoga.