Body Project Australia for Movement Professionals

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The pressure to be fit, strong, lean, toned and attractive is prominent in the fitness industry. We receive this message through the images we see on social media, the comments we hear from coaches, teachers and peers, and the education we receive about what health and wellness 'looks like'.

We believe that joyful movement is for everyone, regardless of shape, size and appearance, and that movement professionals do not need to change their appearance to empower others in their body.

If you are a movement professional with body image concerns, join us for this unique one month body image program. 


About Body Project Australia

This program is an adapted version of The Body Project, an evidence-based program that has been delivered to young women worldwide. Research has found that the program has effectively reduced body dissatisfaction, negative mood, and disordered eating behaviours.

Over four 1.5hr group sessions we will explore a different topic related to body image, challenging unrealistic ideals and improving thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to your body. Each week you will be given self-reflective exercises/behavioural challenges to explore which we will discuss the following week.


Who this program is suitable for

Movement professionals who are over the age of 18 and identify as women. Professions include yoga/pilates, personal training, crossfit, athletes and more. If you are trained, but are not currently working in this field, we welcome you to be involved.

This program is suitable for people who identify themselves as being dissatisfied with their body, and may be engaging in dieting and disordered eating behaviours. This program is not suitable for people with eating disorders and is not a substitute for individualised support. If you are struggling with an eating disorder and are seeking support, we recommend Eating Disorders Victoria and The Butterfly Foundation.


TBC Jan 2022





    Rosie Jean — Eating Disorder Counsellor and Yoga Teacher
    Elisa Spiller — Provisional Psychologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach


    Spots are limited. After booking you will be sent a link to an intake form and may be called to discuss your responses.