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Join Rosie, Yolanda and the I Live In Balance community for Savour, an evening of restorative yoga and delicious food at Green Monday Studios.

This experience will begin in the Dance Room with a 90 min restorative practice with ambient music. You will be guided through pranayama, gentle movement, yin yoga and yoga nidra. Elements of visualisation and self-massage will be integrated throughout to support feelings of ease and release. You will be encouraged to adapt the practice in any way that you like, including lingering in shapes that feel nourishing, letting go of what you don't need and adding intuitive movement. Following this, we will make our way to the Painting Room to enjoy a casual dinner together, created with love by Yolanda.

Mats, bolsters and blocks will be provided, and you may like to bring something to cover your eyes for savasana. Please wear comfortable clothes for movement, rest and connection.

When: TBC 4pm - 5:30pm practice followed by dinner until 7:15pm

Location: Green Monday Studios, Carlton

Investment: $65/56

What is Savouring?

Savouring is a neural practice of embracing and leaning in to positive experiences, allowing us to expand and extend feelings of pleasure and wellbeing. We can do this in small everyday moments, or create space for deeper experiences of savouring. In this practice we will be savouring rest and connection in a guided community experience, giving us the opportunity to self-soothe and co-regulate in shared space.

This event will take place on Wurundjeri Country. 10% of ticket profits will be donated towards Elizabeth Morgan House who provide refuge accommodation and family violence services to Aboriginal women and their children. To learn more about their programs click here.